#WOD is a 4-letter word AKA Why I love Classpass

#WOD is a 4-letter word AKA Why I love Classpass

I have a confession to make. I am an addict. It is a full-blown addiction and nearly out of control. It is something that has been going on for about two years now. I admit it. I am addicted to Classpass.

I have never been one of those gym rats that get excited about the prospect of going to the gym. I had a gym membership for years and I pretty much just go in, use the treadmill, go on the elliptical or the rowing machine, and sporadically curl 3 to 5 lb weights when I remember to. The only thing that excited me was the yoga class that I frequently go to.

Being an overachiever as a student, I have always gravitated to classes. My workout repertoire is so limited that I really needed someone to tell me which exercises I had to do. I tried a personal trainer, but I get bored just working out by myself. I need to work out with another person, so I have someone to commiserate or compete with.

So, the obsession with Classpass was borne. What is Classpass, for those of you not ITK? It is an app that lets you access thousands of workout classes in your area. You can create your own customized workout plan by choosing which classes you want to do, where, and when you want to do them. You want to do American Ninja Warrior Style Parkour classes for fun—they got you! Or what about hanging on a silk cocoon for one hour while meditating with crystals while a healer performs reiki on you? They have that too!

You can try it for FREE and get $30 off when you use this code: http://class.ps/ert0r

My favorite classes in Miami are:

Total Body Workout at Bodytek -This class is an hour of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Most HIIT classes are pure torture but this class makes it go by so fast. You have 6-8 stations and each station has 3-4 exercises that you repeat 2-3 times. You rotate through each station once. For example, one station may be Kettle Bell (KB) Swings, Reverse Lunges with KB, and KB Deadlifts, while another station may be different exercises on the dreaded Battle Rope (the worst!). I love this class because it really kicks your butt but you feel so accomplished and strong after! And the workouts are configured to work your entire body out as well as incorporating cardio.
Bodytek Wynwood: 545 NW 28th St, Miami, FL 33127

Cocoon Yoga at Atmananda Miami-a weekly staple for sure, I was hesitant to promote this class because I wanted to maintain the intimacy and meditative experience that might be ruined by having a huge class. The class starts with stretching using the silk hammocks then you aresuspended and wrapped in a cocoon while you mediate with crystals. The yoga teacher, Hind Baghdadi, performs reiki healing with aromatherapy and heated stones. It’s literally a massage for your soul. You will come out of the class rejuvenated and restored.
Atmananda Miami: 500 South Point Dr Ste 230, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Aerial Hoop/Hammock at Milan Pole Dance-The ladies at Milan Pole Dance are the best in the biz. They literally win pole competitions, so you can never go wrong when you take a class here. They always emphasize proper form and technique.  Both classes will teach you acrobatic tricks on the aerial hoop and silk hammock with a short choreography. This will help you develop your strength, flexibility and beautiful lines. Suspension from the hammock also help release tension in the spine and stimulate the lymphatic system with excellent detox benefits.
Milan Pole Dance: 250 NW 23rd St #408, Miami, FL 33127

Aerial Silks at Pole Dance Miami-As opposed to aerial hammock, this class uses “split silks”. More challenging than using the aerial hammock, this class will teach you how to do locks with your body without the assistance and stability of the silk hammock. My first foray into aerial fitness (back in the day at The Studio in Cleveland, OH), as well as the source of my first serious workout injury (posterior tear in my right rotator cuff), this class is very challenging but a lot of fun.
Pole Dance Miami: 7207 SW 48th St, Miami, FL 33155

Aerial Yoga at Vanilla Sky Yoga-Since we are on the “aerial” tangent, let’s talk about aerial yoga. This class incorporates the use of the aerial hammock in assisting and enhancing a yoga practice. The postures are done in the air creating space, alignment, detoxification and balance. The aerial yoga wraps rest on pressure points bringing energetic balance to the meridians in the body.
Vanilla Sky Yoga:  3rd Floor, 301 SW 17th Rd, Miami, FL 33129

AerialMood Yoga at Mood LifeClub-Very similar to the Aerial yoga at Vanilla Sky, because they are taught by the same instructors. The space is intimate and cozy and the studio itself is super cute and chic. They carry the best workout clothes that are not only fashionable but, more importantly, are made in the USA.
Mood LifeClub: 180 Crandon Blvd #112-113, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Method 45 at Flywheel– One of the very first Classpass classes I fell in love with, this ain’t your regular ole spinning class. The instructors take you on a 45 minute ride that will kick your butt set to a fun and motivating playlist. Sometimes you wanna die while you’re doing the workout but you feel so accomplished after. I think this is way better than Soul Cycle because you can visually see your resistance, speed, and work output. My favorite classes are the ones taught by Vandon, Chris, and Eddy.
Flywheel Sports Miami Beach: 1919 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

TennisFit at BrickellFIT-Located at the Conrad Hotel rooftop in Brickell, this tennis class is a lot of fun. It starts with a warm-up, then circuit training, agility exercises, ending with tennis games. Students are grouped according to experience level, so all levels are welcome. It’s challenging and motivating as a beginner (moi) because you see how good the intermediate and advanced players are and you have something to aspire to.
BrickellFIT: 1395 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Gentle Therapeutics Yoga at NOBE Yoga and Yoga That– Taught by a certified yoga therapist, Allaine Stricklen, Gentle Therapeutics Yoga is the yoga of non-doing. This type of yoga utilizes an assortment of props to restore the body’s balance and vitality.  Once supported and stabilized, one experiences a profoundly relaxing and deeply rejuvenated state. This class is one of my favorites because I do feel a workout but I know that my joints are protected. Very important, considering all my shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries. I leave this class restored, destressed, and rebalanced.
NOBE Yoga: 214 67th St, Miami Beach, FL 33141
Yoga That: 763 W 41st St C, Miami Beach, FL 33140

In Part Two, I will be talking about my favorite Ninja/Parkour, barre, dance, and climbing classes.

Lots of love,