My Passion Project: Worthy Goods!

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My Passion Project: Worthy Goods!

The COVID quarantine was a very challenging time in our lives. I have to admit, I was really anxious about being alone for the first time in almost 20 years. But I came out of it learning so much about myself and also had the time to pursue one of my passion projects…Worthy Goods!

As some of you know, for the past few years, I have been creating hand sanitizers for friends and family as gifts. Everyone who I give it to loves it and tells me that I need to start selling it. So, during the quarantine, I partnered with my incredibly amazing friend Katie. She started Worthy Goods because she wanted to pamper herself with luxe products that were safe to use while pregnant with her first child. It was a match made in heaven! We ended up creating a line of boutique alcohol-based hand sanitizers with 4 unique signature scents!!! Not only do they smell good but it won’t dry out your skin or leave a sticky residue after.
Here are the four scents and a short description:

Epicene Hand Sanitizer

Our OG scent brings heady, aromatic tones of the sensual tropical flower, Ilang-Ilang. This addictive, androgynous scent will make you want to spray it all over, leaving your skin feeling velvety.

Like A Virgin Hand Sanitizer

Fun, floral, and feminine. This soft and pretty scent will take you back to your age of innocence…white wedding dress optional! Ends with a delicate, petally finish on your skin.

A-Pur-All Spritz Hand Sanitizer

The perfect accompaniment to a warm summer day. This unique combination of sparkling citrus and oriental notes evokes all-over luxury without breaking the bank or drying your hands.

Sporty Spice Hand Sanitizer

For the exotic girl next door, who is both feminine yet low-maintenance. Clean, no-nonsense, with predominant notes of jasmine and citrus, this ends with a silky finish on your hands.
We have had such an outpouring of positive feedback and support from our close circle of friends and families. The response has really been incredible. I am truly amazed and humbled.
We are proud to be a female-owned company committed to delivering luxury lifestyle products to our consumers. We believe in the importance of self-care, empowerment, and improving our community. We harness the power of mother nature by using proven botanicals and sourcing only the finest ingredients.  Because at the end of the day…
We are so excited to share this with you! We know you will fall in love with our products just as we did.
Thank you in advance for your support! We could not have gotten here without you.
Lots of love,